Steven Toteda

Steven Toteda

Steven Toteda

President, SKS Networks
Steven Toteda serves as President of SKS Networks, Inc., a leading supplier of carrier-class and commercial Wi-Fi solutions. Prior to SKS Networks, he served as VP & GM of Wireless Solutions at Eaton, the leading supplier for large-scale licensed and unlicensed wireless and Ethernet networks in the Industrial and Commercial market. Prior to Eaton, he served as VP & GM of Wireless Solutions at Cooper Industries, a group he established in 2009, leading the integration of the Wireless group into Eaton after the 2012 acquisition. Prior to Eaton, Toteda was Vice President for Product Management and Marketing at Dust Networks, a leader in the development of the technologies that serve as the foundation for Internet of Things (IoT). Earlier in his career, Toteda was CEO of Alaris Communications, early entrant in the then nascent market for small cell, low power, small footprint cellular solutions. He also served as group manager at Cisco Systems, where he led the effort to develop voice over Internet protocol telephony systems, and launched Cisco's first Voice over Wi-Fi handset. At Cisco, he also pioneered the concept of Cellular to Wi-Fi roaming through a joint development program established with Motorola. Prior to acquisition by Cisco Systems in 2000, he launched the telecommunications gateway and terminal products at Komodo Technology. Earlier in his career, Toteda helped establish the digital video group for cable equipment pioneer, Harmonic Inc., a leading supplier of communications equipment in the cable market. Toteda, a sought-after speaker on wireless technology, is past president of WINA (Wireless Industrial Networking Alliance).

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