Small Cells, Wi-Fi, DAS and IoT Networks for Transport and Transit - what's in it for you?

Representatives from transport operators and transport hubs, including airports and railway stations can get a free all access pass for SCWS and LPWA World, but what is it about these technologies that makes attending the shows of vital business interest? Read on to find out.

Why are the technologies at SCWS and LPWA World important?

The transport industry is moving towards a completely connected, smart transport network. Many cities have now begun smart transportation initiatives to optimise routes, create safer roads, reduce infrastructure costs and alleviate congestion. By improving connectivity on all transport routes, we are working toward this goal, whilst preparing for the driverless car future.

Not only this, but better connectivity undoubtedly improves the customer experience, whilst also creating new commercial and revenue generating opportunities. Any impact on the productivity of citizens leads to pressure to improve connectivity. Using the data gathered through access to these connections, operators can share personalised offers, discounted trips and updates about their journey. They can also gather operational data to improve the overall service provision.

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Benefits of attending

SCWS and LPWA offer you...

  • The opportunity to collaborate on and enhance public safety and security
  • How best to make use of customer data, such as upselling, streamlined ticketing process, thereby increasing revenue opportunities
  • Transport is often focused on a single geographical area; these events give the opportunity to speak to lots of different stakeholders and regions to share best practice and discuss challenges

Organisations including Network Rail and Luton Airport attend this event

Previous attendees include Heathrow Airport, Bay Area Metro Transit, TfL, SNCF

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