Small Cells, Wi-Fi, DAS and IoT Networks for Smart Cities - what's in it for you?

Representatives from cities and municipalities can get a free all access pass for SCWS and LPWA World, but what is it about these technologies that makes attending the shows of vital business interest? Read on to find out.

What is the industry saying?

Why are the technologies at SCWS and LPWA World important?

This technology is important because global mobile data usage is forecast to double between now and 2020. Not only do citizens demand seamless connectivity, but city services are using an increasing amount of data. 5G small cells will give citizens ultra-fast connectivity, while allowing services for security, traffic management, lighting and utilities to run efficiently. Accessing, analysing and commercialising the data generated from enhanced mobile connectivity is also a potential revenue stream for cities and municipalities. By being able to offer greater connectivity and the applications this enables, cities are in a stronger position to attract local business to the area, strengthening the retail and commercial opportunities in the area.

There is a growing link between the value of a city and connectivity within it; LPWAN/IoT Networks can be used alone or as a complement to other technologies for a number of applications; from parking and waste management to smart metering and lighting. As more and more connected products and services are utilised in a city, IoT Networks are the glue that will hold them together.

Cities are in a unique position to partner and collaborate with a wide range of infrastructure and end user stakeholders to test and deploy new connectivity technologies.

5G IoT Network smart cities

Benefits of attending

By attending, you can discuss your projects and future plans with key stakeholders from all parts of the supply chain. Global vendors, network operators and end users from fellow cities and other industry verticals will gather to share best practice and make new connections for future connectivity projects.

SCWS and LPWA World present an opportunity to discuss common challenges faced when dealing with a wide range of environments (indoor, outdoor, transit etc) and to hear how others are tackling similar issues. They also give an opportunity to engage with network operators and venue owners on the next steps ahead, and to understand the implications and opportunities of new connectivity technologies.

Cities and municipalities including… Las Vegas, City of London, Bristol, Royal Borough of Kingston, and Dublin will attend this event

Previous attendees include: San Jose, San Leandro, Amsterdam

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