SCWS World 2018 ticket prices

SCWS World 2018 Prices

Pricing notes

All access vendor passes give you access to all SCWS and LPWA (IoT Networks) content.

Infrastructure Owners: Companies whose sole line of business is to deploy or manage infrastructure on behalf of carriers and/or enterprise end users (e.g. private network operators, neutral host, tower companies, managed service or system integrators). Infrastructure passes give access to all LPWA and SCWS content.

Startup passes are for startups from 0 to 2 years old, producing or aiming to produce technological solutions applicable in IoT networks or wireless connectivity (small cells/Wi-Fi/DAS markets, who are in either of these stages of product lifecycle: Proof of concept; Design & development; Commercialisation. Startup passes give access to all LPWA and SCWS content.

NOTE: We do not accept submissions from companies that have become (or in the process of becoming) publicly traded in an IPO, or ceasing to exist as an independent entity via a merger or acquisition

Operators: Mobile Network Operators who hold spectrum licences to provide public access to consumers; IoT network operators; fixed Line Operators and MSOs who provide services to residential customers; Wi-Fi operators. Operators get access to both SCWS and LPWA content.

End users: Senior representatives and IT professionals whose primary business is outside telecommunications (eg. hospitality, retail, stadiums, healthcare, education and municipalities) who are looking to deploy Wi-Fi, DAS & small cell technologies. End users get access to both SCWS and LPWA content.

If your company also sells equipment, hardware or software, platform/analytics management company or consultancy to operators and end users you will be classified as a vendor. The organiser has final authority on the classification of your business - please contact for any queries.

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